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My choice

I quickly realized that I wanted to study at CBS in an English taught program (as the majority of my previous education has been in English) but deciding which specific program was a bit harder. After reading about the different programs, I found that International Business was the best fit for me for a couple of reasons: the international perspective, the variety of subjects, and how many master’s programs it gives access too. Since I didn’t, and still don’t, know exactly what area of business I am most interested in, the board course selection of IB allows me to gain a general understanding of the many different aspects of business; and the ability of specializing in what I find suits my interest the best through the many master’s options available.

However, I found the general reputation that international business has daunting, as many of the things I had heard weren’t overly positive. Luckily, the intense competitive environment and the social aspect of IB hasn’t lived up to the reputation that I feared.


My programme

One challenging thing about IB is the quarter system, since each course is only about 6-7 weeks everything is very fast paced. This is definitely something that took time getting used to but once I did, I found that I really liked the way the courses are set up. Although we don’t have midterms like other programs, we have exams 4 times a year compared to the usual 2, which again took some adjustment. This for me is probably the most challenging thing about the quarter system, as there is constantly an exam just around the corner. On the bright side, if there is a course which you don’t enjoy it goes by very fast.

It is important to manage your time and figure out what works best for you. What works well for some may not work for you. I struggled in the beginning trying to find time for everything: school, work, friends. But after a while I started prioritizing my time into what was most important to me instead of trying to do everything.

Another surprising thing about IB is how individual the courses are. There are no group exams or study groups, however I have found that there are many opportunities to work with your classmates if this is something you wish to do.

My advice


Read through the different program descriptions, and take your time deciding what you want to study. What helped me was comparing the programs I was interested in side by side.



Attend the open days that CBS offers, here you can get more information about the different programs CBS has. CBS has a lot of other meetings that also provide helpful information, such as what to include in your quota 2 application. Also contact former/current students to better understand what to expect.


Focus on what works best for you, don’t worry about what everyone else is doing

Studerende på IB

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