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My choice

For me, it was easy to decide to move and choose CBS as my first priority. Growing up in Moldova, I was always curious to experience other cultures and keen to explore what’s out there in the world. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone by moving to a country where the culture, lifestyle and language would be different.

At 15, I was already sure about 3 things: I wanted to live in Denmark; I wanted to study in English; and I wanted to study something business-related. To keep up with the plan, I started searching for universities and found CBS as the perfect place for me to start my journey. What really surprised me was the diversity in the academic programs – there was an English program for every interest, and plenty of single courses/electives to choose from in addition. What made it difficult for me was in fact deciding on the program I wanted to study, as there were so many great options for me. I realized it was truly important to read through the course descriptions for each program to make sure it was a good fit for me – which I also highly recommend anyone interested in studying here to do.

Luckily, most of the programs share similar courses that are mandatory in any business degree, such as microeconomics or corporate finance. But every student has to decide for themselves what they would like to focus on when applying, as every program is still different in the perspectives it offers. For DM, while we study the main theories every other CBS student does, there is always digitalization added to the equation – and we have some courses (such as Data Analytics) that no other bachelor programs offer.

Personally, I am passionate about emerging technologies and I knew I wanted to study something that would cover topics like innovation management, so it was important for me that my courses would offer me an up-to-date and relevant approach towards business and management in a digital age. Therefore, I applied to DM as my first priority, then to SEM with a concentration in Service & Innovation as my second priority. Frankly, I am really happy I started DM, as even now after I finished my first year of studies – I am still confident that it was the right choice for me.

My programme

My programme is fairly new at CBS, and it was really exciting to see how the combination of business and IT subjects will work for me as a student. That, however brought a big challenge – as it was introduced in 2018 and there was only one “generation of DM’ers” before us, many in my class (including me) were sometimes confused about what is expected of us as student. The only ones we could ask about certain academic practicalities were the DM’ers from the year before, but they weren’t always able to answer all the questions as some aspects the programme were still undergoing adjustments.

One challenge for me was definitely learning programming, and I think the majority of the class were facing the same difficulties, as most of us didn’t have any background in IT. But the teachers were great at explaining and providing clear examples and the students were helping each other a lot during the workshops. I think for me, once I started seeing the business relevance of this skill – it all started to make sense better. I managed to overcome it by making it fun for myself, and turning on my curiosity. Once you become genuinely curious about how things work around a subject, you can learn anything. 😉

My advice


Plan everything in advance. Time management is highly important when starting university, and if you want to have enough time to include work, student organizations or hobbies in your schedule – make sure you prioritize what is more important for you. Don’t take too many responsibilities outside of your studies before you’ve had your first exams and found the best study techniques for you. Take one step at a time.


Remember that you are here to learn and develop. University is not a race or competition, so do not compare yourself to others but rather find what fits best for you – then everything will work out and the good grades will follow


Explore what CBS has to offer outside of your programme. Get involved in activities you are interested in – student organizations, career fairs, events and workshops. You will meet awesome students from other programmes and will find even more opportunities by networking with companies. This will help you tailor your future career path and find out what you want to do next.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on DM. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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