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My choice

I chose to study at CBS because I wanted to be in an environment where I constantly felt challenged and the university seemed like the perfect choice. I already knew from high school that I wanted to study business in the future, I just wasn’t exactly sure what programme would best suit me. After checking out what every programme in CBS had to offer, I naturally gravitated towards shipping because it was more straightforward compared to the rest of the programmes. The idea of focusing on one (very global) industry just felt like the right choice and it still does.

Another influence on my decision to study at CBS is that when my family and I moved to Denmark while I was in gymnasium, we immediately settled in Frederiksberg. The commute to Birkerød every morning was pretty tough so it was nice to transition from that to living so close to school, family and friends in the city.

My programme

My expectations for the programme were very high from the beginning. I had heard a lot of positive things about it from my university advisor and some of my friends. I never actually considered shipping as a career while I was studying business in high school but it turns out that it ended up being a perfect match for me. I grew up with a very international background and it was marvelous to find a degree that felt just as international as I am.

There are a number of aspects of International Shipping and Trade that have kept me happy through my studies:

Size – we were only around 50 people in my class which gave me the opportunity to learn better in class and get to know my classmates so much better

Courses – the math courses can be pretty tough but what really made up for it in my case were the maritime courses, they are super interesting and teach us tons about the industry

Exchange – you can pick between a number of destinations in your fourth semester and they are all pretty cool

Internship – when you are back from your exchange you get to be pretty hands on and intern for a shipping company, which is a great way to use all the tools you have learned throughout the years

All in all, I am extremely excited for my future in the shipping industry thanks to my programme, it truly fits me well.

My advice


Try to participate in all the social events and be open. Although you may end up falling in love with the programme itself, it really helps to have an active social life at CBS as well, this is especially important if you are new to Copenhagen


Studying in quarters rather than semesters can be very challenging. It will all feel like it’s going way to fast in the beginning but catch a breath, manage your time wisely and you should be fine.


Try to reach your own expectations rather than the expectations of others.


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