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My choice

Before applying to International Business at CBS, I had the following wishes for my choice of study:

1) I wanted to study a broad range of subjects within business for my bachelor’s degree with the possibility of specializing for my master’s.

2) I wanted to study in English and preferably in an international environment.

4) I wanted to study alongside driven and ambitious students.

After deciding to move to Copenhagen, I concluded that International Business at CBS was the best fit. Despite not having the GPA for quota 1, I was motivated to apply through quota 2. Today, I am very happy about my choice of study and the effort I put into my application. As expected, the environment at IB is competitive, however, I find that people mainly compete with themselves. I have not found that IB is about fighting – rather, people are in a race with themselves and are both willing and happy to help others along the way.

My programme

IB is a very individual study program – most exams are individual and no study groups are formed by staff. Moreover, the program has somewhat fewer lectures compared to some other programs, making self-discipline and planning key to success. This may be challenging if you are used to a lot of group work and learn best while studying and discussing with fellow students. However, one plus is that this gives more flexibility for having a student job etc.

IB runs in quarters, where you have two courses at a time for about 7-8 weeks. I enjoy the quarter structure as it allows me to examine subjects with greater focus and dedication. However, it can also be challenging as the teaching is very intense and thus, one week of ineffective studying (or no studying) can make it difficult to catch up. On the bright side, if you dislike a subject, two new courses are never far away.

My advice


Study smart and adapt your study methods to the different examination forms. Reading everything while taking notes is not necessarily the most effective way of learning at university. Try different techniques and find out what works for you and the specific examination type.


Spend time on your quota 2 application and reflect on your choice of study. Applying through quota 2 requires more time and effort than a quota 1 application, but it can help you reflect on why (or if) you want to study the specific programme, making you more confident in your study choice.


As a CBS student, there is a lot you can do and engage in – social activities, student organizations, grades, student job etc. The options are many and no one can do everything. Reflect on what you find interesting and prioritize the things that are important to you.

Students at IB

Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IB. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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