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I came to Denmark 5 years ago when I dropped out of the university back at home which was not fulfilling me. At that time, I was a bit lost –  I did not really know what I want to do in the future, on the other hand, I did not want to push myself too much either, therefore, I was simply testing the waters first. I finished an AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) before coming to CBS. After this two-year education, I had to choose a further path I want to take. I felt that web development and graphic design are not my things, yet I noticed an evolving interest in innovation and business strategies.

I never thought I would study at CBS as I do not picture myself as a typical business school student, but I was really intrigued by this new programme. I was a bit afraid of the competitive environment between highly ambitious students, workload, and had some doubts about the overall culture at CBS. At the end of the day, I understood that it all depends on your perspective and personal input when it comes to academic work and social life.

My programme

The biggest benefit of this programme is its scope. The concepts and interconnected courses give a solid foundation about digital transformations which have impacted the world in many different ways. Digital Management fits my profile well as I consider myself an innovation geek, yet it also has broadened my perspective towards the societal issues arising due to technological development.

When it comes to the courses, I was excited about the programming part and it was extremely fun to work and study together with other like-minded students. It not only helped to learn from each other but also challenged us to perform better on the final project. As a result, I’ve even decided to deepen my knowledge and take a few elective courses that are focused on data analytics.

My advice


Be honest with yourself and try to avoid preconceptions when thinking about the right study program or choosing a school. Do your own thing!


Don’t let hard subjects to demotivate you. The most challenging times reward you the most.


Stay curious and open for opportunities, both inside and outside of school.


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