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My choice

Deciding to study IBP at CBS was a long process for me.

After writing my Abitur with a focus on Geography, Politics and Biology, I was fascinated by theories about sustainable development. So, I first thought I would stay close to my hometown and study sustainability. But after two gap years that I spent working abroad for a German retailer, I realized that in order to have an actual impact, it is helpful to understand both Business and Politics. I therefore looked for a study program which combines both subjects in order to understand how Business and Politics interact and define the way we live, do business and see the world.

When I saw that a programme like this is available at CBS, I was first very unsure if I would like to study abroad. But after a year I can say that Copenhagen is a very welcoming and beautiful city – I am happy that I decided to move here.

My programme

Sometimes people in IBP feel like the courses are either too math heavy or contain too much political theory. I personally really enjoy this mixture.

Most topics overlap naturally – it is for example helpful to know Macroeconomic theories if you want to understand the EUs monetary policies and its effects.

However, this mixture can also be challenging. I only had background knowledge in economics and didn’t know anything about political theories. Coming from a German school system, the assignment writing style that is required for those subjects was also new to me. Luckily there is quite some focus on how to write home assignments in the first semester, so I didn’t feel like my lacking background knowledge was a problem.

My advice


Being a student at CBS includes way more than your study program. There are several great student societies, events and sport groups which really help you to connect and feel at home at CBS. Especially for me as an international student, engaging at Uni life was extremely helpful to get to know many great friends.


Another thing that I can highly recommend is to stick to a study group. I got mine assigned randomly in Political Science and especially in these Corona days it is great to have a group in which you can talk about the readings, ask the small questions and do exercises.


Hear the students' reflections on choosing their study programme and being a student on IBP. Feel free to contact them with your questions.


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