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My choice

Having had economics in high school, I had relatively strong background knowledge in this area and great interest which I wanted to deepen and extend at university level. Because I wanted to stay in Denmark (I have finished the last two years of high school here), CBS was of course an option to me.

I have to admit that back when I took the decision, I did not know much about the reputation or prestige this school enjoys, neither generally amongst Danes nor specifically in the working world. In hindsight, I appreciate this as it did not affect my decision. Hence, I focused more on the program itself. This meant that I spent a considerable amount of time and effort understanding the program structure and the courses in detail, clicking my way through the program description online.

In contrast to my interest in economics, I did not have much useful knowledge in political science because I chose my high school subjects with a heavy focus on natural sciences (I always thought I would study chemical engineering). In the end, it was the addition of political science combined with the proximity to my family which made me choose IBP at CBS over any other option, both in Denmark and in other countries.

So far, I enjoyed the introductory courses, especially in political science, and I am curious to see how this will be taken further in the coming semesters.

My programme

My biggest takeaway from one year at IBP is my improvement in reading and understanding academic literature. I have learned to navigate through difficult texts and to extract the most important elements. Using these pieces of information and putting them together into a construct is complex but very rewarding.

I like writing but every exam is a new challenge which requires me to connect theoretical ideas with tangible examples. I have enjoyed this particularly in political science but also in macroeconomics.

My advice


The courses are very interesting but see them as a starting point. What stuck with me was advice I got from a master’s student here at IBP: University is what you make it of it. After a year at CBS, I can confirm this.


The study environment at IBP is good but if you are truly driven and curious, you will have to find like-minded people and actively engage in matters that you are passionate about.


Sign up to become a buddy for foreign exchange students, join the study board, be part of the union – just do something extra towards your interests and see this limited time as a chance to try as many things as possible. I was not very active outside of lectures in the beginning and quite frankly, I regret it. It can make studying so much more enjoyable and


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